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SWAT Library

This Python script is a library that should be copied in to "C:\PythonXX\Lib" folder. XX stands for the Python version. Once the script is copied into the Python library, it is easy to read SWAT outputs, calculate statistics and plot results.
View/Download SWAT Library

Example Python script for using SWAT Library

This Python script illustrates how to use SWAT Library.
View/Download Example Python View an Example Daily Output Plot

NSGA-II SWAT Calibration Tool

Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II (NSGA-II) is a multi-objective optimization algorithm used as an automatic calibration tool in various disciplines including water resources. The NSGA-II is prepared in Python scripting language for multi-site and -gage calibration of a SWAT model. A brief manual and an example project are also available in the following link.
Python NSGA-II Tool for SWAT Model Calibration

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